Over the past few years, we at SLE actively increased our potential in erection jobs.

SLE brings full commitment to every project acquired. We are proud to be a part of the ventures we have worked on and feel honored by the trust our customers exhibit by including us in their enterprises time after time.
SLE is the right choice for all of your structural steel fabrication, erection, welding and painting needs because it can guarantee to complete your project safely, successfully and in a timely manner. Erection of steel structures is the process by which the fabricated structural members are assembled together to form the skeletal structure. The erection is normally carried out with high supervision. SLE prepares erection plan approves from client and passes our erection team, this erection process micro planning in material delivery to erection site, material handling, member assembly and member connection. Proper planning of material delivery would minimize storage requirement and additional handling from the site storage, particularly heavy items. Erection of structural steel work could be made safe and accurate if temporary support, false work, staging etc. are erected.
SLE’s erection team ensure erection materials before erection the fabricate material at site with respect to mark numbers, key plan and packing details. Once structural components received for erection site, our foremen take responsibility for erection sequences. And care also taken so that steel structural components should not come in contact with earth or accumulated water. Stacking of the structures should be done in such a way that, erection marks and mark numbers on the components are visible easily and handling does not become difficult. SLE’s Erection team put extra efforts in safe transportation of fabricated items to the site, their proper storage and subsequent handling is the pivotal processes.