Sri Laxmi Enterprise can manage commissioning and startup project from start to finish. Our extensive industry experience gives us the ability to anticipate and prepare for most eventualities in a typical setup and shakedown, and to handle unexpected difficulties with minimum disruption to your timetable. We have the construction and technical skills, tools and resources to provide comprehensive service anywhere in India.

We work closely with your plant management, operations and maintenance personnel to ensure a smooth, safe installation and a rapid transition to operational status. Ongoing maintenance services are also available to ensure that your equipment continues to perform according to expectations.

Our skilled Millwrights are able to provide the industrial rigging and moving services to be able to uninstall, load, transport, and then reinstall any piece of industrial machinery or heavy equipment.

We can handle the rigging needed to move and then locate the equipment into its’ final mounting location. If needed, we can also custom fabricate a base for the equipment so it can be safely mounted. Our Millwrights can handle all the precision alignment needs before final placement to make sure it’s mounting level.